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$3.25/lb by Hanging Weight (weight of carcass after slaughter, but before cutting and wrapping).  This is an item that is usually an “advance” order.  Depending upon the production schedule status at the time of order, your bulk beef may be one that will have to be scheduled for processing a few weeks or  months in the future.

This option is applicable to a half or whole beef purchase and requires a $300 deposit before delivery to the processor and full payment before picking up.

Processing fees are paid directly to the processor by you. A 1200 lb. steer should yield a hanging weight between 600 lb and 710 lbs.

Note: Hanging weight is not the final weight that you will bring home. The final weight that you bring home is quite variable and depends upon how you have your beef cut and specifically on how much boneless product you request.

Your beef will dry age 14-21 days. Processing charges will run around $500 – $600 for your beef and can vary depending upon your cutting instructions.

This option may give you the best overall value, but can be frustrating and confusing if you are not familiar with meat processing and the variations in cutting practices. If you wish to explore this option, we will be glad to assist and advise you with cutting and wrapping options. Your ultimate satisfaction is very dependent upon how your product is cut and wrapped.

NOTE: You are paying only the $300 deposit, not the full price.  Once the beef is delivered to the processor and the hanging weight is known, your full bill will be calculated and the deposit subtracted from the total owed.