“We bought a half last summer and it was the best beef we have ever had! I could not believe the taste difference. … When we grill now, it’s like our night out. Thanks for what you do, giving us the best possible answer for beef.”

Chris, Ottawa

“I’ve been sending e-mails to family and friends reminding them about your farm and wonderful beef! I made a pot roast and couldn’t believe how incredible it was. (And my other pot roasts from the grocery store were awful, so I know it was because of your beef.) The tenderloin didn’t need a knife … I’ve never had beef so good and will (hopefully) never buy from a grocery store again!”

Amy, Kansas City

Thank you so much for your delicious beef! I found that I could not stop eating it. I cannot wait to try the steaks. … I cooked up the pot roast the other night and it is delicious. I love the broth it makes; it surpasses any store bought broth by miles!”
Heather, Missouri

“To eat local, grass-fed beef is a great experience. It is delicious, convenient, and healthy. We love it. I would recommend it for any family.”

Jim, Lawrence

“One of my personal favorite beefs is from @juliemett [Mettenburg Farm] in Kansas. Plus, found it an outstanding beef overall.”

Carrie Oliver, The Artisan Beef Institute, Toronto

“The ground beef is so delicious that I am really looking forward to cooking with it again. I often use ground pork or ground lamb instead of beef because they are flavorful. Now I have switched to prefering Mettenburg beef over pork or lamb. It’s the best!”

Laura, Lawrence